What Is The Longest Duolingo Streak In 2023?

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Learning a new language has become a lot more fun and easy with the help of technology, especially with apps like Duolingo. Duolingo uses a cool system where learning feels like a game. One of the fun parts is the ‘streak’ feature, which counts how many days in a row you’ve been learning.

Duolingo Streak

This article is going to talk about the person who had the longest streak in 2023 on Duolingo, and the tricks they used to get there. It’s really exciting to see how this app can make a big difference in language learning!

What is a Duolingo Streak?

A Duolingo streak is like a score that shows how many days in a row you have studied a language. It’s represented by a flame symbol. This score makes studying fun and also shows how committed you are. If you miss a day, the flame goes out and your score goes back to zero. But there’s a trick called a ‘streak freeze’ that can save your score even if you miss a day.

Even if you pause your studies for a while, it’s good to keep your streak going. It helps you stay disciplined and keep making progress in learning a language. This streak shows that if you keep practicing and don’t give up, you can get really good at any language. It proves that doing a little bit every day can add up to big results over time.

You can find the Duolingo streak at the top of the screen on both mobile app and desktop.

What is The Longest Streak on Duolingo?

As of October 20th 2023, the user who holds the honor of the longest Duolingo streak is ‘christi3’, with an awe-inspiring streak of 3934 days. This reflects an unwavering dedication that spans over a decade.

Longest Duolingo Streak

Interestingly, christi3 is not alone in this feat. Several other users have also diligently nurtured streaks exceeding ten years, demonstrating exceptional dedication and perseverance in language learning.

Here is a list of the top 10 users with the highest Duolingo streak:

Duolingo Streak (Days)Profile

How to Find the Longest Streaks?

Uncovering the longest Duolingo streaks is straightforward, although it’s not a feature available directly within the Duolingo app.

Duome.eu, a complementary tool, comes to the rescue by offering a comprehensive global leaderboard, tracking both streaks and many other Duolingo user statistics.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to find the longest streaks and see where you stand in comparison:

  1. Visit Duome.eu: Open a web browser and navigate to duome.eu. This website isn’t affiliated with Duolingo but is a trusted platform among the community. On the homepage, you will see the global Duolingo streak leaderboard.
  2. Enter a Username: To check stats and ranking, just enter duome.eu/{Duolingo username} in your browser’s search bar. Here, you have two options. If you want to check your own streak and see how you rank, enter your Duolingo username. If you’re more interested in seeing the longest streaks, you can enter the username of a known high-streak user such as ‘christi3‘.
  3. Access the Streak Info: Once you’ve input the username, hit enter. You’ll be directed to a page displaying that user’s Duolingo profile, including their current streak.
How to find the longest duolingo streak on Duome

Only Duolingo users with a streak of 100 days or more can enter the Hall of Fame on Duome. Keep in mind that not all Duolingo users may have profiles on Duome, especially new users or those with strict privacy settings.

Whether you are aiming to join the ranks of these top users or just want to measure your own progress, keeping an eye on your streak can be a motivating and engaging part of your language learning journey!

The user christi3 is projected to create history by becoming the first Duolingo user to surpass the 4000-day streak mark by the end of 2023! This milestone signifies more than a decade's worth of daily dedication and could inspire countless others to undertake their own language learning journeys.

What If You Use a Streak Freeze?

Streak freezes are a widely debated feature in the Duolingo community. They essentially serve as a safety net for users, allowing them to maintain their streak even if they miss a day. Here’s what you need to know about using them:

Streak Freeze and The Global Leaderboard

The good news for users who resort to streak freezes is that they continue to appear on the global leaderboard. Duome, the website that provides global leaderboards for Duolingo streaks, maintains two separate leaderboards. The primary leaderboard includes all users, encompassing both those who have used streak freezes and those who haven’t. The second leaderboard is exclusive to users who have never used a streak freeze.

However, it’s worth noting that equipping a streak freeze is enough for Duome to categorize you as a user who has employed one, regardless of whether or not you’ve actually needed to use it. For example, even if you’ve equipped several streak freezes but never missed a day, Duome will still place you on the leaderboard for users who’ve used streak freezes.

The Debate Around Streak Freezes

Using streak freezes is a subject of mixed feelings within the Duolingo community. Some argue that utilizing a streak freeze detracts from the essence of maintaining a “streak,” which inherently signifies consistent, uninterrupted engagement. However, others see value in the overall count of the streak more than its absolute continuity. The latter group argues that life can sometimes get in the way of daily app usage, and a streak freeze provides a convenient safety net for these situations.

Purchasing and Using Streak Freezes

Streak freezes can be purchased in the Duolingo store for 200 gems on mobile or 10 lingots on the desktop version. After purchase, they remain “equipped” until you miss a day. When you fail to meet your daily goal, the streak freeze is automatically used, ensuring your streak remains intact despite the missed day.

The usage of streak freezes depends largely on personal preference. If the total length of your streak matters to you more than the continuity, streak freezes are an excellent way to protect your progress. However, if you value the discipline and consistency that an uninterrupted streak represents, you might prefer to keep going without the safety net of streak freezes.

Building Your Own Streak Legacy: Strategies for Success

A significant part of language learning is consistency and a key feature that emphasizes this in Duolingo is the concept of “streaks”. A streak represents the number of consecutive days a user has completed a lesson. They encourage users to maintain their language learning momentum. However, there may be times when you’re unable to commit to a daily lesson, and for that, Duolingo provides the streak freeze feature. Here’s how it works and some strategies to maximize its benefits:

Understanding the Streak Freeze

A streak freeze is essentially a safety net. It allows you to miss a day without having your streak reset to zero. While the use of streak freezes may appear to defeat the purpose of a “streak”, it serves as a handy feature for those unexpected times when you’re unable to get to your lessons. It’s important to note that using a streak freeze will still keep you on the global leaderboard, but Duome (the site that provides these leaderboards) has two different ones: one for all users and one for those who have never used a streak freeze.

Optimal Use of Streak Freezes

While some Duolingo users avoid streak freezes in order to maintain the spirit of a true streak, others see value in the total count more than the continuous nature of the streak. If you belong to the latter group, it’s good to have a strategy in place to make the best use of your streak freezes.

The first step is to keep an eye on your schedule. If you foresee a particularly busy day coming up when you might not have time for Duolingo, ensure you have a streak freeze equipped. Streak freezes can be bought for 200 gems on mobile or 10 lingots on desktop.

Remember, you only need to have a streak freeze equipped for Duome to categorize you as a user who has used one. Even if you never actually use it, having one equipped is enough.

Consistency is Key

Even with the availability of streak freezes, consistency is still critical when using Duolingo. The streak feature is there to encourage daily practice, which is a proven method for effective language learning. Try to set a specific time each day for Duolingo to make it a part of your daily routine. The more consistent you are, the more likely you’ll be able to maintain your streak without the need for a streak freeze.

Remember Your Motivation

While maintaining a streak can be motivating, it’s important not to lose sight of your overall language learning goals. Whether you’re preparing for a trip to a foreign country, aiming to communicate better with a loved one, or just passionate about learning a new language, your underlying motivation will help you keep your streak alive, with or without the use of streak freezes.

In conclusion, how you use Duolingo’s streak freeze feature will depend on your personal language learning strategy and what you value most: the continuity of your streak, or the total number of days you’ve dedicated to learning. Regardless of your preference, the ultimate goal is to enhance your language skills, and Duolingo provides you the tools to do that in a way that suits you best.

What happens when you hit a 365 day streak on Duolingo?

When you reach a 365-day streak on Duolingo, it’s a huge accomplishment that reflects your commitment to learning a new language. Notably, Duolingo celebrates this milestone by presenting a virtual trophy or badge in your achievements section. There are no extra perks or rewards beyond this, but it’s a clear indicator of your dedication and persistence.

How many people have a 365 day streak on Duolingo?

As of now, there are 333,407 users who have achieved a 365-day streak on Duolingo. Exact numbers vary as new users reach the 365-day mark every day, but it’s a relatively small percentage of the entire Duolingo community. Achieving a full year’s streak is a significant commitment, requiring daily effort and discipline. Keep in mind, many users utilize the Streak Freeze feature to preserve their streaks on days they might miss a lesson.

What happens when you get a 100 day streak on Duolingo?

Reaching a 100-day streak on Duolingo is another notable milestone, showing you’ve committed to consistent language learning over an extended period. Similar to the 365-day streak, Duolingo rewards this accomplishment with a special badge in your achievements section, serving as a proud reminder of your progress.


Embarking on a Duolingo streak journey is an exhilarating endeavor toward language proficiency. By preserving consistency and employing the right strategies, you can also create a noteworthy streak. As you aim for that, remember that the ultimate goal is language mastery and the joy that comes with bridging cultural gaps one language at a time.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, make use of these strategies, and start your journey toward creating your own impressive Duolingo streak. As you continue, you’ll not only learn a new language but also discover the incredible power of consistency and how it can bring about remarkable achievements in your life.