Super Duolingo Review 2023: Is the Super Duolingo Worth It?

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By Oliver

Super Duolingo Review

Duolingo has become one of the most popular platforms for learning languages online. With its fun, game-like lessons and completely free access, it has introduced millions of people around the world to new languages.

However, in recent years Duolingo has also offered a premium subscription service called Super Duolingo. This provides extra features and benefits on top of the free version.

In this detailed review, we’ll take a close look at Super Duolingo to see if it’s worth upgrading from the free membership.

We’ll explore:

  • What exactly Super Duolingo is and how it compares to the regular Duolingo experience
  • The pricing and subscription options available
  • An overview of the key features you get as a Super Duolingo subscriber
  • An analysis of who will benefit most from the premium service
  • Tips on how to decide if the upgrade is worthwhile for you

By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information you need to determine if Super Duolingo is a smart investment to enhance your language learning with Duolingo.

What is Super Duolingo?

Super Duolingo is the premium subscription service offered by the popular language learning app Duolingo. It provides extra features and benefits beyond what is available with the free version of Duolingo.

The main difference between standard Duolingo and Super Duolingo is that the premium service removes some of the restrictions and limitations of the free app. For example, with Super Duolingo you get unlimited hearts so you can make as many mistakes as you need when practicing.

Super Duolingo also includes an ad-free experience, full access to the Practice Hub to hone your skills, and early access to new features before regular users.

This premium offering used to be called “Duolingo Plus” before being rebranded as “Super Duolingo” on June 8, 2022. However, the core features and pricing remain largely the same.

How To Get Super Duolingo

If you want to upgrade to Super Duolingo, it’s easy to do on both mobile and desktop.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get Super Duolingo on mobile and desktop:

How to Get Super Duolingo on Mobile

  1. Open Duolingo App: First, open the Duolingo application on your mobile device.
  2. Access Premium Options: Tap on the gems icon located somewhere on your screen (usually at the top or bottom).
  1. Super Duolingo Option: At the top, you should see an option that says, “Get Super Duolingo” or “Try 2 Weeks For Free”. This may come with a mention of a two-week free trial.
  1. Start the Free Trial: Once you tap on the option to try Super Duolingo, it should display a pricing screen or trial option. If available, it will usually state “TRY FOR $0.00” indicating the start of the 14-day free trial.
  1. Complete Registration: Tap this, and then follow the on-screen instructions to sign up. Once done, your free trial will begin immediately.

How to Get Super Duolingo on Desktop

  1. Visit Duolingo: Open your preferred web browser and go to the Duolingo website.
  2. Login to Your Account: If you aren’t already logged in, sign in to your Duolingo account.
  3. Access Premium Options: Once you’re on your Duolingo homepage, look for a button or option that says “Get Super Duolingo”, “Try 2 Weeks Free” or something similar. Or go to the Duolingo Super page.
How to Get Super Duolingo on Desktop
  1. Start the Free Trial: Click on this button, and you should be directed to the Super Duolingo subscription page. Here, you’ll often be presented with a two-week free trial option to start with.
How to Get Super Duolingo on Desktop
  1. Follow Instructions: Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up. Much like on mobile, you’ll typically start off with a two-week free trial.
How to Get Super Duolingo on Desktop
  1. Payment Method: Since you’re paying Duolingo directly on desktop (unlike via the App Store or Google Play Store on mobile), you’ll need to provide or confirm a payment method. Ensure you’re aware of when the free trial ends to avoid any unwanted charges.
How to Get Super Duolingo on Desktop

And that’s it! With these simple steps you can gain access to a free trial of Super Duolingo on both mobile and desktop.

With the key benefits and sign-up process covered, the next chapter will dive into the pricing and subscription options available for Super Duolingo.

How Much is Super Duolingo

How Much is Super Duolingo

When considering whether to upgrade to Super Duolingo, an important factor is the pricing and subscription options available.

In the United States, you have the option to buy Super Duolingo either as a single user or for a family.

  • Individual Super Duolingo Subscription: $83.99 annually.
  • Family Super Duolingo Subscription: $119.99 annually.
    • This plan covers up to 6 accounts, making it a cost-effective choice for groups of friends or family members looking to enjoy the premium features together.

The cost of Super Duolingo varies depending on your country and length of subscription. Some example pricing is:

CountryIndividual monthlyIndividual yearlyFamily plan yearly
Argentina4.99 USD31.99 USD47.99 USD
Australia21.49 AUD129.99 AUD174.99 AUD
Austria13.99 EUR87.99 EUR122.99 EUR
Brazil29.90 BRL179.90 BRL269.90 BRL
Canada19.99 CAD119.99 CAD149.99 CAD
Germany13.99 EUR87.99 EUR122.99 EUR
Ireland13.99 EUR87.99 EUR122.99 EUR
Switzerland15 CHF90 CHF121 CHF
UK9.99 GBP59.99 GBP89.99 GBP
US12.99 USD83.99 USD119.99 USD

You can also get discounted annual plans that provide savings compared to month-to-month payments.

Another way to reduce the cost is to utilize the Family Plan. This allows up to 6 people to share one Super Duolingo subscription, splitting the total yearly price.

So in summary, Super Duolingo offers some flexibility in how you subscribe. Consider what works best financially – a monthly or yearly plan, individual or family pricing.

With the costs covered, the next chapter will look at reasons you may hesitate to upgrade from free Duolingo.

Reasons to Resist Super Duolingo

While Super Duolingo offers some nice upgrades, there are also reasons you may want to stick with the free version of Duolingo.

One factor is that Duolingo has always promoted itself as a completely free way to learn languages. So on principle, some users feel the premium service goes against Duolingo’s core mission.

Additionally, the free version already provides a very solid language learning experience on its own. The courses, stories, leagues, and community are all accessible without paying.

Finally, even with discounted plans, Super Duolingo represents an extra expense. For budget-conscious learners, the free membership is appealing.

So while the upgrades are nice, the free version is already feature-rich. The premium service may not seem essential to some learners.

Moving forward, we’ll take a close look at exactly what features you do get if you decide Super Duolingo is worthwhile.

Features and Benefits of Super Duolingo

Super Duolingo Benefits

While the free version of Duolingo is quite robust, Super Duolingo does provide some useful additional features and benefits. These extras can enhance the learning experience for those who choose to upgrade.

The main upgrades Super Duolingo offers are:

  • Ad-Free Learning – No more interruptions from ads between lessons.
  • Unlimited Hearts – Practice without limits and make mistakes without “losing a life.”
  • Full Access to Practice Hub – Custom quizzes to master challenging concepts.
  • Priority Access to New Features – Try new tools before regular users.

In the next few sections, we’ll explore some of the biggest advantages these features provide in more detail.

For learners on the fence, the key benefits of Super Duolingo center around being able to learn in a way that is less punishing, more convenient, and with extra support.

Less Punishing

One of the biggest benefits of Super Duolingo is that it removes some of the frustrating limitations of the free version. Specifically, the unlimited hearts make learning feel less punishing.

On standard Duolingo, you lose a “heart” each time you make a mistake in a lesson. Run out of hearts, and you temporarily can’t learn anymore. You have to wait, watch an ad, or use gems to get hearts back.

This heart system can discourage practice and lead to avoiding harder material. You don’t want to lose hearts, so you stick to lessons you’ve mastered.

With unlimited hearts on Super Duolingo, you can make mistakes freely without being “locked out.” This encourages practicing difficult concepts without fear.

The removal of punishments like the heart system is a major advantage of Super Duolingo for committed learners. You can fully immerse yourself without arbitrary roadblocks.

More Convenient

Another advantage of Super Duolingo is increased convenience compared to the free experience.

Without ads interrupting lessons, you can progress through material faster and with fewer distractions. This creates a smoother learning flow.

Additionally, the unlimited hearts remove waiting around to regain “lives” before you can practice again. You can open the app at any time and start learning immediately.

These upgrades add up to a more seamless experience. You spend time mastering concepts, not watching ads or waiting around.

For busy language learners, the enhanced convenience of an ad-free interface and unlimited access can be major assets. Super Duolingo fits more naturally into small pockets of free time.

Moving forward, we’ll explore how Super Duolingo also provides a more supportive learning environment beyond just convenience.

More Supportive

The final main advantage of Super Duolingo is that it provides a more supportive overall learning environment.

A key feature is full access to the Practice Hub. This lets you take quizzes and challenges focused on concepts you find difficult. You can tailor your practice to master weak areas.

Super Duolingo subscribers also get early access to new features before they reach general users. So you’ll have more tools to enhance your learning.

While the free version is plenty supportive on its own, these extras show Duolingo’s commitment to helping premium users achieve their language goals.

Between less punishments, increased convenience, and a more supportive environment, Super Duolingo makes the learning process smoother.

Next we’ll explore how to determine if these benefits are worth the upgrade cost for your needs.

Deciding If It’s Worth It

We’ve covered what Super Duolingo offers and its main benefits compared to free Duolingo. But is it worth paying for the upgrade?

Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Deciding if Super Duolingo is worth it depends entirely on your individual needs and priorities.

For example, if you’re a casual learner just starting out, the free version may suit you fine. But for frequent users hungry for more features, the upgrade could be a smart investment.

Consider factors like how often you use Duolingo, your budget, and how much you value ad-free, unlimited learning. Don’t upgrade just because – make an informed decision based on your own circumstances.

To help out, let’s summarize some of the key considerations when weighing up free vs Super Duolingo.

Who Should Stick With Free Duolingo

  • New users just trying Duolingo out
  • Learners on a tight budget
  • Occasional or casual users
  • Those satisfied with the free experience
  • People who use the desktop app primarily

The free version of Duolingo already offers a fantastic language learning experience. For many users, the core features are enough to meet their needs.

As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Upgrading for the sake of it isn’t necessary. Carefully consider if you really need the extras before spending money.

Next we’ll cover recommendations for when opting for Super Duolingo could be beneficial.

When Super Duolingo Could Be Beneficial

  • Long-time or very frequent Duolingo users
  • Learners frustrated with limitations like hearts or ads
  • Those who can fit the subscription cost into their budget
  • People who want access to extra features like Practice Hub
  • Anyone seeking a smoother, less interrupted experience

For regular Duolingo learners who feel held back by restrictions or want more customization, Super Duolingo can enhance the experience.

The premium features remove roadblocks, increase convenience, and provide more learning support. For the right user, the benefits can justify the upgrade cost.

But it still depends on your personal needs – consider carefully before subscribing. Next we’ll cover tips if you’re still undecided.

On the Fence About Upgrading?

If you’re still unsure whether it’s worth upgrading to Super Duolingo, there are a couple tips that may help decide:

  • Take advantage of the free trial first. Duolingo usually offers a 14-day free trial, which is a great way to test out the premium features risk-free.
  • Consider a 1-month subscription. Paying for just 1 month rather than a whole year can help evaluate if you find enough value in the upgraded experience.

Trying before you commit for a longer period gives you hands-on experience with Super Duolingo. You can gauge if the extra features seem worthwhile for your needs.

Don’t feel pressured to upgrade until you’ve had a chance to evaluate it yourself through a free trial or short subscription.

To wrap up, let’s recap the key points covered in this review of Duolingo’s premium offering.


In this detailed review, we’ve taken an in-depth look at Duolingo’s premium offering Super Duolingo.

Key points covered:

  • Super Duolingo provides extra features like unlimited hearts, no ads, Practice Hub access, and early feature unlocks.
  • The upgrade removes some limitations of free Duolingo for a smoother experience.
  • But the free version already offers excellent language learning, so consider carefully if you need more.
  • Look at your budget, learning goals, and needs to decide if upgraded features are worthwhile.
  • Try a free trial first if you are on the fence about subscribing.

Overall, Super Duolingo can absolutely enhance Duolingo learning for some users. But it isn’t essential for everyone. Evaluate your own needs first before upgrading.

I hope this review gave you a balanced perspective on the pros and cons of this premium service. Let me know if you have any other questions!